Agenda21 - Initiative for neighbourhood gardens in Vienna where schools, kindergardens and so on work together

Gartenpolylog – private institution for gardeners, for children, youngsters und cultural exchange

„Growing with roots in the school's garden“

Project for primary schools to cultivate their own gardens (e.g. planting, caring, harvesting, cooking etc.):

Building up an edible garden in Vienna

Local supply from own performance:

"Gardening together" -  Initiative of the city of Vienna – The city promotes community- and neighborhood gardens:

"Keeping a learning diary - Getting started".

"Personal SWOT analysis - making the most of your talents and opportunities".

"SWOT-Analysis template". SWOT Analysis Worksheet Download.

"Johari Window"

Video tutorial how to sow a lawn

Online and video tutorial how to plant flowers


How to do gardening work

Tripartite Foundation for Vocational Training and Employment

Link for testing Mathematics and Numeracy skills
Virtual Gardening Software
GIMP - Graphic Design Programme - Open Source
Information about GIMP
Tutrials for using GIMP

Test your ICT Skills
Tools for communication
What to do with your herbs over winter
Australian Blog with a lot of good information

How to grow herbs indoors
Article about growing herbs in winter
Back to Nature Website
Natural fragrances and preservatives