GARDEN basic skills

All parcours intend to promote the development of particular basic skills and within these knowledge, skills and competences defined according to the European Qualification Framework. This is an overview of the basic skills included in the parcours (and learning 'journeys').



The tools rated with level 1 have low complexity and require very little previous knowledge, skills or competences. Level 2 activities are slightly more complex, as they require some practical, technical or social preparation. 


level 1:
* The travelling fruits and vegetables
* Lettuce in the Autumn Vegetable Garden
* Handmade Garden Stepping Stones
* Two-Step Seed Starting Method
* Gardens all over the world
* Natural Control of Flowering Plants
* Birds in Winter
* Biological Diversity in a City Garden
* Five Ingredients for the Organic Gardener's Toolkit
* Poison and danger in the garden
* Crop Rotation and Climate
* Exploring different seeds
* Where to find Seeds

level 2:
* The perfect tree-house


level 1:
* How to build a water clock
* Build your own concrete trough
* How much can you save?
* Planting 100 Tulip Bulbs in 30 Minutes 
* Lichens as Bio-indicators of Air Cleanliness
* Make your Own Compost
* Making Natural Dyes from Plants 
* How much work is a garden?
* Can you make cents from beans?
* Digging potatoes 
* Mapping a garden
* Is it just dirt?

level 2:
* How to make a solar cell
* Construction of a Solar Powered Fan
* The Homemade Pond Filter System
* Grass sowing
* Paving a way in a park
* Build your own greenhouse
* How to build a water pump
* How to build a water garden


level 1:
* Let flowers speak
* Garden professionals and their duties
* Grass cutting with a string trimmer
* Planting trees and shrubs
* Purify Water by Using Solar Energy
* How to mow the lawn properly
* When flowers bloom
* Become an expert and tell them how to…
* How to Grow Basil and How to Use the Basil Leaves
* Caring for your Tomatoes
* Cheap as chips
* Fertilisation and Pollination
* Sowing Tomatoes

level 2:
* Build a Waterfall
* Selling the seedlings of the season
* Laying out turf grass
* Plant Propagation - Beyond the Seed


level 1:
* What plant is it?
* Your personal GARDEN calendar
* Eco-learning through Social-Media
* Highlights of a park
* Portfolio to save water at home 

level 2:
* Virtual gardening