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GARDEN - your way to know more.

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Build up knowledge on your own.

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Don't stay behind. Get active now!

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Let your ideas bloom!

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Tap into new levels of (green) learning.

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A bright mind is fertile ground for growth.

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Reach improvement through commitment.

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Enjoy being outdoors and learn new things.

Welcome to the GARDEN PLATFORM!

This platform is one of the products generated by the EU co-funded LLP project:
‘GARDEN your educational life a new learning environment and opportunity to access education and improve employability for young disadvantaged adults in Europe.’

We want to show you how to explore the concept of the thematic world, metaphoric value, environment and ‘lesson’ of nature, of gardens and horticultural aspects and activities as such in order to:

* up-skill basic skills for the workplace i.e. reading, writing, numeracy, foreign language, ICT
* improve social and communicative competences, as well as
* competences of (self-) organisation, self-awareness and personal skills.
to increase young people’s employability.

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The GARDEN activities

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This platform offers young adults and educators access to learning/ teaching materials which aim at improving some of the basic skills necessary in today's labour world. All activities are set in an enjoyable scenery of GARDENing.


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GARDEN project website 


Additional information about the project and the partnership can be found on the project website. Access to find out more.

Interested educators, we have new material ready. Please contact the organisation closest to you to learn more about it and the project or this platform.

Partnership and contacts

Coordinator and editor:
BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH, Austria

Project partners:

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